Strength & Condition

March 8, 2018

Thursday nights at the SEPW Academy means Strength and Conditioning and Chris Castle, one of the SEPW Academy originals, does a cracking job of running these sessions for me. This means that I get the night off from being 'coach' and can pitch in as one of the 'gang'. I love taking part in these sessions because it means I can let off some steam and have a great workout.


Tonight I asked Chris to give us a programme that promoted explosive leg strength, something that is very important in wrestling, and he didn't disappoint. This is the workout we did: 


1 minute each x 3 






High knee march

Split lunges

Jumping squats



High knee march

Reverse lunges

Pausing squats

Push ups




2 min break


Tonight I learned, be careful what you wish for. In all seriousness I had a great time and I'm currently enjoying all those lovely endorphins. 




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