Full-time with the wrestling

March 5, 2018

To paraphrase Ron Swanson from the US hit comedy ‘Parks & Recreation’, perhaps it’s time to stop ‘half arsing two things and whole arse just the one’. The question is; should I follow my true, unshakeable passion or remain in an enjoyable, often challenging and ultimately secure career? 



Pro wrestling has been a big part of my soul since the first time my late father introduced it to me when I was 7 years old. Ten years later I broke into professional wrestling as a trainee, in 2013 I started promoting wrestling events in the South East of England and a few years later I opened the doors to the SEPW Academy where I have the pleasure of training equally passionate people to become wrestlers, all whilst working in a full time, physically demanding job. 


To be frank living a double life has left me feeling burnt out, so I find myself in a self-imposed but necessary choice between remaining in my role as a zoo keeper and leaving behind SEPW. Alternatively, I forego the safe, reliable income and submerge myself further into the world of pro wrestling.


So here goes, as of Saturday 10th March 2018 I’m going all in. I will no longer be employed as a zoo keeper but delving deeper into the world as a self-employed wrestling promoter & coach…


Of course I’m not going into this with blind faith or zero experience, my ever so supportive wife and I have been carefully and patiently building SEPW so that one day I can go ‘full-time with the wrestling’.


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Sharing my experiences publicly isn’t in my nature and writing a blog isn’t something I thought I would venture into so let me know if I’m doing it right by connecting with me on social media. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on the topics I write about and if you have any suggestions for future blogs please let me know. 


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