One Fan Dan


Height: 6' 2''

Weight: 160lbs

Hometown: The Not So Sunny Side Of Ashford

Signature Move: The Figure One Lock 

Finishing Move: One Fan Slam

SEPW Highlights

  • Hustle & Heart Champion

  • Excels at making 'The Original' Conroy's life a constant misery

  • Pushed Chris Castle to his limits at Hustle & Heart 2

  • Currently undefeated in tag team action with Luke Vega


Here's the one and only bio you will ever need to read. In just over ONE year, One Fan has punched and kicked his way from the first Hustle and Heart show in 2017 to the main roster of SEPW.

As he would tell you, there is only ONE reason that is and that's because people pay to see him, the top knot, the tan and those tights in all their glory. He is the ONE you shouldn't be underestimated, just imagine what can be achieved in ONE more year

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