Luke Vega



Weight: 168lbs

Hometown: Mean Streets of Coxheath

Signature Move: Thunder Stomp

Finishing Move: Victimizer (Headlock Driver)

SEPW Highlights

  • SEPW Champion

  • Won Main Roster debut at Winter Wonder War 2017

  • Main Evented Hustle & Heart 4 against Meathead


Vicious, Violent, Vindictive. Three worlds that describe SEPW's Luke Vega. A Selfish Undisciplined and Unpredictable thug, Vega is a loose cannon that might work with you one second, then drop you like a bad conversation the next.


Unafraid of backlash, Vega always speaks his mind with a self righteous belief in himself and his abilities. Never one to conform to the norm and with no interest in being the 'poster boy' of SEPW, Vega claims to only be interested showing the world that he can take what he wants, when he wants it, and that nobody can stop him.

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